Daily Soup with sourdough 7
Ecliptic Beer Nuts spicy cashews, fish sauce almonds 5
DEVILED EGGS boquerones 6
FRIED RUSSETS malt vinegar aioli 4
VEGETABLE PICKLES seasonal selection 4
sweet and spicy drumsticks chicken confit, celery salad 9
caesar salad romaine, treviso, garlic-anchovy dressing, pecorino, croutons 8
- grilled chicken 14
-grilled salmon 15
Broiled Oysters bacon and bay shrimp bechamel
-three for 8
-six for 14
PLOUGHMAN’S LUNCH selection of three cheeses, salami, duck liver pate, house pickles, sourdough 15
three cheeses one buffalo, one goat, one sheep 9

Burgers / Sandwiches

Ecliptic Burger 1/2 pound nw beef, pancetta, red onion, aged gruyere, russian dressing, potato bun 14
Lamb sausage house loukaniko, feta, cucumber, red wine vinegar, dill, hoagie 13
grilled salmon nw coho fillet, avocado, fried onions, jalapeno mayo, red onion, cabbage, potato bun 15
Farro Burger wheat-garlic patty, tahini, arugula, spicy pickled carrots 11
CHICKEN SANDWICH fish sauce marinated thighs, pickled roots, cilantro, jalapeño mayo, ciabatta 12
BEET MELT roasted beets, goat cheddar, granny smith, pickled onion, sourdough 11
CLASSIC BURGER 1/2 pound nw beef, cheddar, mayo, lettuce, onion, pickle 12


HOUSEMADE ICE CREAM daily selection 5
apple hushpuppies lime curd 5
sticky toffee pudding cardamom cream 7
Porter float daily ice cream, Capella Porter 5
three CHEESES one buffalo, one goat, one sheep 9


Little gem salad avocado, red onion, pistachios, aged gouda, red wine vinaigrette 8
Spring Brushetta grilled sourdough, burrata, arugula, pickled rhubarb 11
Lentil Scotch Egg grilled asparagus, salsa verde 12
Pan Fried Trout Piccata capers, lemon, herbed spaghetti squash 14
PAN-ROASTED CHICKEN young potatoes, pea greens, green garlic puree 16
Goat Mole Rojo chili-braised goat leg, cilantro, grilled spring onion, crema, corn tortillas 16


Grilled Asparagus olive oil 5
Spaghetti Squash garlic, herbs 5
BEETS pumpkin seeds, pecorino 5
grilled sourdough garlic 2


BURGER fries 6
GRILLED CHICKEN seasonal vegetable 6
-adult grilled cheese with gruyere, choice of side 10
Chicken Drumsticks fries 5
grilled salmon* seasonal vegetable 8