Phil Roche

Phil moved to Oregon from New York in 1987 to attend the University of Portland.  After a few years of experimenting at home, Phil got his first professional brewing job at Fish Brewing in Olympia.  Phil moved to Hood River next to work at Full Sail.  In 2008, he relocated to the Portland Full Sail brewery, where he worked alongside John Harris.  In February of last year, John brought Phil over to Ecliptic (John could no longer brew all the beer himself!), making him the first brewery employee.

Phil describes himself as an ‘equal opportunity brewer’; he truly enjoys all styles of beer (save for the super hop blasters), especially Belgians and pilsners.  When not brewing, Phil is either watching or playing hockey (the Rangers cap is officially part of his work uniform) and throwing a bocce ball with friends.  Phil has been a wonderful addition to our team, and we are excited to have him help Ecliptic continue to grow.