Alaric Lawrence

Alaric is a Portland native that was born only a half mile from Ecliptic Brewing. He grew up just outside of Portland near Sauvie Island. He comes from a large family(4 brothers and 1 sister) and appreciates spending time with his twin brother and new niece.
After getting laid off from an accounting job, Alaric started in the brewing industry with Alameda Brewing washing kegs and helping with packaging. After 5 years with Alameda and ascending the ranks from grunt to brewer to production manager, he joined the Ecliptic team in September 2017 as the new Packaging Manager. When not at Ecliptic, you can find Alaric staying active playing basketball, golfing, cycling, hiking or fretting over his fantasy football team.

The first craft beer that Alaric had that peaked his interest in craft beer was Henry Weinhard’s Blue Boar.

Also, he no longer lets his brother cut his hair.